You are part of the new generation of entrepreneurs.

This coaching is for...

…you, if you are ready to Get Sh*t Done! You are tired of struggling with your time, dreams and business. You are exhausted sitting on the sidelines and watching others live a life they’re proud of. And you are fed up of trying to make yourself fit in or do it alone.

Listen, business CAN actually be easy! You are the leader so YOU get to decide how to grow your business. How do I know? Because I have been exactly where you are.

Through my coaching you will...


Smash Your $ales

Get your 1st client and finally hit over $10k months.


Boost Your Leadership

Deliver incredible results to your clients consistently.


Revamp Your Strategy

Be guided to execute on your goals without the overwhelm.


Form organic Marketing

Set up simple systems to attract the right clients for you.


Ignite Self Awareness

Learn to leverage the skills that differentiate you from others.


Set Up Easy Processes

Organize and structure it all to remove the daily chaos & fires.


Develop CEO Habits

Be held accountable to create the habits needed to run it all.


Gain Confidence

Learn to self-manage and draw from inner strength fearlessly.

Right now you have many talent and ideas but you need the right process and strategy.

It takes more than downloading another “magic blueprint” online.

It takes articulating your unique value; that which only YOU can offer in this world. From how you market and sell your services to how you strategize during stress.

It takes deciding to show up as a leader and be held accountable and committing to execute.

Are You Ready?

Then, all you got to do is show up to be coached. That’s where we strategize together and I walk alongside you so you can, for once and for all, turn your many talents and hard work into your dream purpose driven business with sustainable cashflow.

Listen sis

I am not playing with you. You’ve sat on your many ideas, talents and worldly experiences for way too long. You are playing small and hiding.

It’s time to take action.


People Developed and Coached

It’s time to think like a leader and strategize like a CEO

Why coaching?

  • Everyone needs training & allies.
    Athletes, artists, business owners.
    Being “self-made” is a myth.
    Nobody does it alone.
  • Time to turn analysis paralysis into execution.
  • Time to put your ideas to action.
  • Time to turn your skills into services and your doubts into dollars.

What’s included:

  • 1-to-1 CEO Mentoring
  • Business Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mindset Mastery
  • Accountability

its Time to ...

Increase your client base, with confidence.

Articulate your value and services, with ease.

Sustainably scale your business, with a clear plan

The time to create your 2023 strategy is now

“People today crave more value, quality and ease than ever before. They are resourceful and have high expectations (just like you and I do!)

So you cannot afford to do business with the same tactics and logic your ex-boss has been using since the 80’s.

People want respect, loyalty, realness, personalization, inspiration and most of all connection. They want to save money AND be part of a worthwhile cause.

Hence why our world today doesn’t need another marketer or vendor. Our economy and communities need businesses that show up as LEADERS. Businesses that lead us to real change and practical solutions.

And there is NO ONE more qualified to lead than the multi-talented, culturally aware, purpose driven Millennial and Generation Z entrepreneur.

We strive to enjoy life more than our parents did. And we can conduct business better than our bosses. Because Millennials and Gen Z’s actually care about mental health, happiness and elevating other people!

Which is why 9 Elephants Consulting’s mission is more than just business coaching. Our mission is to help multi-passionate business owners to Think like a Leader and Strategize like a CEO™. And ultimately, to empower the new generation of entrepreneurs to do and become more, not just for themselves but for their communities too.”

I am ready to be supported

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What My Incredible Clients Are Saying…

2023 is your year.
It’s time to take space.

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